The process for the project began with our writing team having conversations with undocumented youths. The youths who volunteered to talk to us were enthusiastic and even grateful that we were interested in their stories, and we were moved by their plight as well as their dreams and ambitions. This play is not a documentary drama, and the stories are not based on their lives. The content of the play is inspired by them as well as recent events.

Our writing team is comprised of a diverse group of women including first-generation Americans, a naturalized citizen, and a permanent resident. Each writer began from a perspective different from her own ethnicity and wrote a ten-minute play. Next, we integrated the five short plays by interweaving the stories of the five central characters. Then we wrote in pairs scenes in which two of the central characters meet. It has been a unique and challenging process, through which we have created a tapestry portraying the lives of five undocumented youth.

Chiori Miyagawa
Kristin Horton
Jessica Litwak
Mia Chung
Andrea Thome
Saviana Stanescu